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By Mike_A
#3288 I need to open another bank account, and need an account that offers a debit card and the ability to pay bills using internet banking. I don't need anything else - no overdraft facilities etc.

All of the banks I've looked at so far will run a credit check before offering a debit card, and my situation is sufficiently messy that I'll be turned down :oops:

Is it possible to open an account that offers more than just a basic "cash" account without a credit check?

Any pointers will be very gratefully received............
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By JaneClack
#3293 The Co-op will give you an electron card which are acceptable in some places but for most accounts a debit card is the highest type of account for credit scoring purposes.

Most of us have to use cash - there are dispensers outside most supermarkets etc and I know the Nationwide does standing orders as well as direct debits. If any poster does know of a basic bank account that will allow a normal debit card please let us know!
By dp
#3300 I had the same problem, I'm freelance, I got a very serious illness, had to stop working for a long time - my finances collapsed as a result. My bankers closed my account and I had to look around for a basic account, took me a while to find one, they don't advertise!

I now have something called Easycash with The Halifax, it's a very basic account, no chequebook, no overdraft, no frills at all but it is a bank account and I can pay bills with it and set up automated payments. I never found an account like this that came with a debit card, I don't think any of these 'no frills' accounts come with extras like that.

Very pleased with Easycash though, they don't charge at all, absolutely nothing. No credit check to open the account, just went to my local Halifax branch, filled out one form, that was it.

Forgot to say, I did get an ATM card with the Easycash account.
By billykeats
#3306 I've go the Co-op cashminder which has Visa Electron which is excepted by quite a few places I'm finding like Asda & Sainsburys. I can also use it on the internet at places like Amazon & Ebay.

It is a basic bank account available to undischarged bankrupts which is why I have one. It has standing order & direct debit facilty but no cheque book. It has a simple to use internet banking facility.

The account card can be used to withdraw money from many LINK cash machines

It took just a week for me to receive my card after filling in an application form at the bank

The account does everything I need

I hope that helps
By homely
#5094 im a bit confused i downladed the list of banks to help decide which one to go for and it states that the halifax do not accept bankruptcy orders and bad debts does this mean that when i am bankrupt i would not be able to open a basic account with them?
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By JaneClack
#5096 Yes but there are several who do - Nationwide, Natwest, Co-op for three!
By ic1male
#5233 Hi,

I joined up with the Co-operative and got the Cashminder account with them as a bankrupt and no questions asked. It does everything I need it to - except some Internet sites require a CVV number (3-digit security code on back of card) which Co-op's Visa Electron card does not have, so you cannot shop with those companies.

I was originally going to go with the NatWest because they had a Solo card which seems similar to Switch/Maestro, not sure about the CVV thing there though. Anyway, I couldn't get an account with them as they were one of my creditors!