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By TalbotWoods
#318603 We dont normally ask people to sign petitions on here, but as you know we have for a very long time believed and stated that the rates charged by some PayDay loan companies is to say the lest exorbitant.

The House of Lords have already forced an amendment to the Financial Services Bill going though parliament, to allow a cap to be imposed on the interest rates charged for Payday loans.

Now is your chance to sign the petition to keep the momentum going to not only allow the government to cap the interest but with luck and sufficient signatures may force the government to cap the interest rates ... -day-loans

Please can you also encourage as many other people to sign it, that way the target should be easily exceeded.

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By JaneClack
#318613 The Expert sent me a link and I have already signed. Had a client today with over £9,000 owed to 17 payday loan companies - and only other debts being her overdraft and a loan. It beggars belief that they can get away with this....