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By Butts
chandjay wrote:As someone(who's name escapes me) used to say - Now then, Now then... All this praise has got to stop.
All I need now is for Butts to say something nice about me and that will really put the top-hat on it.
... and thinking about it, now I'm debt free, I'm beginning to feel that maybe Capquest has a point .....? Now then, Now then.

No problem....... :twisted:

You are the biggest crook that I have had the misfortune to encounter on DQUK in the 5 Years I have been a member.(even bigger than me :mrgreen: )

Deliberately deceiving your creditors about the true state of your finances is disgraceful, this coupled with your predeliction for foreign sojourns and hoarding undeclared assets in you fabled "slumberland" is worthy of a 10 year IPO if not a custodial sentence.

Despite all this you are still a good egg even if over 900 of your posts have been sheer drivel (I liked the massage parlour references)

Your old buddy Butts :lol:
By chandjay
#315203 Thanks Butts,
I knew you wouldn't let me down. If I die tomorrow I die happy.
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By DuffNCustard
#315213 You'll be the richest cadaver in the graveyard if you do!

For gawd's sake don't have a viking funeral, especially if you want to be laid out on that mattress of yours - you'll sink and be likely to cause a shipping hazard - you may even warrant a mention on the shipping forecast

Forth, Tyne, Dogger, Slumberland Gold Seal southerly 5 to 7 becoming cyclonic 4 or 5,moderate or rough, good occasionally poor Humber...........