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By dwainlondon
#301713 Hi everyone

Just wanted to share this to see if i am going in the right direction.

I took out a loan back in 2001 2002 approx for 16500 from Halifax bank and fell back on my payments about 6 months later.Got several letter from them then heard no more untill about 6 months ago when i got a letter from cabot saying i need to call them and arrange to pay of this debt off.I ignored this because i know its now status barred no CCJ or i have made any payments or called them etc etc and binned the letters.Now i got another letter today from a DCA called Rutherbridge what a bunch of tossers very threating letter saying that they now have my debt and want the money otherwise they will take me to court.Again i know this company comes accross with all the crap to get you to pay.Anyway my question is should i send the status barred letter to them or not.Advice would be good thanks very much.Anyone got any advise on Ruthbridge.?
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By TalbotWoods
#301723 Hi dwainlondon

Unfortunately if DCAs are selling the debt on, then you are going to have to hit them with a Statute Barred letter each time, but it is worth noticing the wording of their letters, are they collecting in their own right (as the owner) or as an agent of the owner.

If you can find the actual owner, then hit them with a statute barred, that 'may' stop it permanently.

By nomlas
#301743 It seems, IMO, you are fully aware of all the answers and are in need of littlle, if any, advice.

Most people on this site are looking for help as they are concerned about the possible consequences of their debt problems. Comments of "tossers" etc. seems to indicate that you are not in the slightest way concerned about the various Debt Collection Agents and their methods.

If they can not touch you, then good for you. I am at a loss to understand why you have posted