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By Vas Deferens
#294973 Is it a legal requirement that a default notice be sent, pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974, before a CCJ can be issued ?

Are there any other legal requirements that must be complied with prior to the issue of a CCJ ?
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By JaneClack
#295003 It is a legal requirement that a default be issued before any formal recovery action takes place for an unsecured debt that has not been paid. Then a claim form is issued to which the debtor has a right to respond - if there is no response - even if the debtor had moved house and not received it - then a county court judgment can be issued. The creditor has to send this to the last known address of the debtor. The creditor has then done everything to comply with the Consumer Credit Act and it is as rare as hen's teeth for a judgment to be issued if this has not been followed.

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