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By flat broke
#36969 For those who are having problems with creditors calling, then consider getting a new free phone number to give to them - or use yourself. There is no cost to recieve their calls and they can be sent to answerphone

VOIP is an internet phone service - you may have heard of Skype, which is similar and uses the internet for phone calls. You can use your computer and headset, a handset plugged into USB port, or your normal phone via an adaptor.

I wont go into detail, but Google on 'VOIP' and 'free' for more info. Or read the newsgroup at uk.telecom.voip. They are essentially PAYG services with NO line rental.

I have signed up for a free local number from .
But some others to consider are: - free geographic number but £10 credit required, - free calls to UK landlines

Also Tesco will be launching a service for about £20 which includes a free new phone number and handset