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By simont23
#287603 I have just watched 'Scrooge' starring Alistair Sim on TV. I must have seen it 20 times over the years, but it is still an excellent film and a fairly good reminder of the fat cat Scrooges who run today's miserly greedy banking industry.

Anyways, let me wish all on the board a Happy Xmas and a fantastic New Year.
By wisernow
#287633 Yes it seems like nothing changes,the average man just gets the crumbs from the rich mans table!Having a job means these days-JUST OVER BROKE!I think the majority of people on this forum only ever wanted to improve their lot and then hit the buffers when illness or unemployment or a change in circumstances strikes.
Whats wrong with trying to improve your lot?
Unfortunately the banks saw it as a opportunity to make their fortunes