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By NottinghamRed
#270433 Hi
Ive just recieved a response from Shop Direct in response to my CCA request.
It is as follows:

Re: Credit Agreement Request
We refer to your recent requestfor a copy of your credit agreement.
Please find enclose a copy of your current credit agreement, which includes all applicable contractual variations and amendments that have taken place since your account was opened.
According to our records, your account was opened on 28th June 2003. The current outstanding balance is #2781.16. Our records show that in the past 12 months, #493.03 has been paid and an amount of #364.40 has become payable but remains unpaid.
You agree to make payments every 28 days in accordance with the terms of the relevant catalogue. We also issue statements every 28 days requesting the relevant amount from you.
I'd therefore like to take this opportunity to remind you that such payments must be made in order to avoid a default charge of #12.00 being applied to your account and a notice of default being sent to certain credit reference agencies.
We regulary share information regarding the performance of your account with the credit referance agencies, which is retained on your credit fuile for 6 years.
In order to avoid such detriment to ypur credit file, please conatct us on 0844 822 4090 to make a payment for any amounts overdue.

As well as this letter they have also sent a copy of a standard CCA which does not include a signature and doesnt even have my details printed on them. I have also not recieved what i would deem to be a 'statement of account' as i requested.
Would somebody be able to offer advice as to where i stand and possibly a link to what letter i should be sending back?

Thanks in advance
By simont23
#270453 Shop Direct will have you in debt forever, how can a store let someone run up such a high figure. Shop Direct and their other catalogues prey on the vunerable.

Can you tell us if you are still using this credit/storecard account. Is this your only debt or do you have other creditors, are you employed and are you a homeowner.

I do not agree with the way these companies operate. They lure people into debt with glossy catalogues, full of stuff you could buy elsewhere at half the price. Then they add monumental interest and charges then hammer them if they run into hard times.

You need to come back with a bit of info on your status and the board can advise accordingly.
By NottinghamRed
#270463 Thanks for your reply.

Ive gave more detail on my situation here:

As mentioned in the other thread i am more than happy to and can afford to pay them 53.23 per month but they wouldnt accept it (wouldnt come below 87.00) so i went down the CCA route

I do work full time but dont own my home (private tenant)

By simont23
#270473 Unfortunately, the people you are dealing with are not noted for their ability to understand simple arithmetic. If I were you, I would stop paying them anything and invite them to take me to court. Try it, you would be surprised how easy they are to deal with when they realise you can't be bullied. There isn't much they can do except try and frighten you with bullying and courts are not part of their plan, judges tend to favour the debtor against companies like Shop Direct.

They will come to their senses in time and accept what you offer based on what you can afford, in the meantime don't let them cause you any worry.
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By Gazza1912
#270483 I totally agree with Simon. Cease all further payments immeidiately and advise them you will re-commence payments when they accept your repayment amount as being all you can afford. Do as Simon says, and invite them to take you to Court.

The probability of them actually do that is almost zilch. If they were to take Court action that would mean they will incur costs with no guarantee that the Judge will be on their side, which he almost certainly will not be when he can see that you have been making regular payments at an amount you can afford. If you can produce an I&E sheet that clearly shows you cannot afford to pay more, there is nothing this DCA can do about it apart from accept your repayment at the amount you can afford, or get nothing.

Remember, DCAs are bullies, they only have one weapon, and that is fear. If they believe they have got the upper hand over you and belive their threats have scared you enough, they will get what THEY want. BUT, if YOU can show these parasites that you are neither scared of them and their pathetic threats, and you will not be intimidated by them, YOU then have the upper hand over them, and they will be more likely to accept the amount YOU say you can afford and NOT the amount they want you to pay them.