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By everett
#270093 Any of you who watch Last Of The Summer Wine will know Aunty Wainwrights saying "Everyone's a potential customer"
Well I can reveal this now.
5 years ago one of my children was involved in a very nasty accident and has just received substantial damages.
One of my debts is administered by the law firm "Irwin Mitchell" and they have not been pleasant to deal with.
Well to my surprise guess what company was allocated the case ? You guessed it Irwin Mitchell !

The final legal bill was around £120,000.

If anyone from Irwin Mitchell is reading this then Just remember those immortal words...... "Everyone's a potential customer"
By simont23
#270123 Good for you Everett, I hope your child has fully recovered from the injuries.

Private Eye exposed Irwin Miller as an unsavoury bunch. Irwin Miller are Solicitors come Debt Collectors come Ambulance chasers so they have many strings to their bow.

There is a website called 'Solicitors from Hell'... where anyone can check if there have been complaints about solicitors. You can find Irwin Miller on the website along with many, what 'The Independent' rightly call rogue solicitors.