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By Butts
#201511 Anyone had any dealings with this lot ???

Barclaycard debt passed on to Mercers who must have engaged this outfit.

Had a home visit (didn't answer door) - left a leaflet asking me to phone a mobile number or debt will be passed back to original creditor and my credit rating may be impaired - ah shucks :roll: I was about to apply for my Amex Black Card :lol:

Still first home visit in 16 months of DMP with 20 odd creditors.

Any anecdotes / experiences appreciated.

They are based in Glasgow so operating a long way from home :mrgreen:
By sans
#201515 Barclaycard and Mercers are the same company,

Surprised that Scot Call actually came to your door. They usually just send lots of letters saying that they will, and always in red ink.

They outsourse to local agents who work on a commission basis, hence the mobile contact number.

The last time Scot Call sent me a letter saying that they would visit my home, I just sent them an email that, I required 7 Days Notice in Writing before any visit by their agents, which would enable me to have my solicitor present (fib). They replied the next day by email, (this time in black ink) that they had passed my account back to Barclaycard. 1 month later Wescot took over the debt on behalf of BC and so far so good.
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By Gazza1912
#201517 Oh good old Scot Call. Yes, I've had dealings with this outfit. But all their threats just fell on deaf ears with me as like most DCAs, these are just that - threats.

If I believed everything these people have threatened to do to me, I'd be in an asylum by now.