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By SueA
#160770 This problem is from a slightly different perspective to most posts here.
My husband is owed a considerable sum (£5,000) in unpaid wages. He has a Court Order to enforce a Tribunal award of £6,000 which was given in January this year. His previous employer (Kingsgate and Kenver Nursery in Broadstairs) would not pay,first his wages, and now the award even though she has just managed to aquire a £683,000 remortgage on her house and nursery.
She has paid about £1150 of the original award but has an order to pay £50 a week which she is not bothering to comply with as I think she realises almost nothing can be done about it.
My question is, has anyone any ideas how to recover this money? He worked hard for it and had to spend £500 on solicitors to take her to Tribunal. She is just making a mockery of the law.
We have considered bailiffs warrant but this has been tried by others and they come away with nothing as everything seems to be a "tool of the trade"
Meanwhile she is expanding her business at her employees and ex employees' expense.
We are considering making her bankrupt but I believe she has the money and anyway it will cost us money we can ill afford.
Can My husband sell this debt?
I am very angry and frustrated at the impotence of the law in dealing with this woman.
Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
#160779 I'm not sure what you mean by a Bailiff's Warrant but have you spoken to the Court / Tribunal who awarded it to see how else it can be enforced ?
By SueA
#160784 I meant warrant of execution where the bailiff goes round to seize goods.

Yeh. His options are a charging order on her's about it according to the court.
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By TalbotWoods
#160792 Hi Sue

As you appreciate this is a debt forum, but aimed at those who owe debts rather than those who are owed. So the information from here will be biased, sometimes quite heavily as many of or members have been subjected to bailiffs and CO's.

However I do agree that this is complicated matter, which need legal input, so I would suggest reposting this on the legal website (under employment law), which can be found here:

They will be able to give you the advice you need and suggest possible better ways to deal with this.

I am also going to leave this thread open for any possible input form the forum members here, but please bear in mind that most if not all of the members on her have been on the receiving end, so their actual 'collections' knowledge will be biased and from one prospective only

By SueA
#160821 Thanks very much for that Tim. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate that most people here are on the other end.
Great site.