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By Rubycat2410
#472852 I need to know how much in savings is allowed when claiming benefits. Ive worked more or less for 52 years, I'm 67 and could soon be losing my job.
I would also like to know the amount of cash gifts can be given to family?
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By JaneClack
#472854 I am afraid this is not something we can answer as this is a forum for debt questions.

It depends on the benefits you are claiming - you could look here: ... -benefits/
and then this one: ... n-faqs.htm

You should also explore the website: here is one to start:

I am sorry we can be of no further help.
By Rubycat2410
#472856 Thanks for the reply, no problem but thanks for the links. I'm still in work for the next 3 months so no idea what I will be able to claim benefit wise, very daunting as Ive never been out of work in 52 years.
What on earth do people do!!
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By JaneClack
#472857 It is a problem faced by many people.

Due to your age you should be liable for some pension I am assuming.

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau should have a welfare benefits specialist who might be able to help you with this.