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By Mr Debt Problems
#472850 I have recieved a letter from County Court Business Centre about a debt I had from Very/Shop Direct.

It looks like a letter that says i either have to accept the debt is mine or not

I know what it was for.

What does this mean?

If I do nothing do I get a CCJ?

If I acknowledge it, will all my other debts go the same way? Like can they link the debts?

The debt is in my maiden name (I took my wifes surname when married)

The address is also slightly wrong so it doesn't show up on my credit report although I'm sure the names are linked

can they take this to the high court if I do nothing?

will i get baliffs coming to my door?
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By JaneClack
#472851 You say a letter? Is it not a county court claim form?

If it is a county court claim form then ignoring it will get you a CCJ in default and the creditor can choose how much they want you to pay. If you dispute the debt then you can ask for extra time to put a defence together - if you do not then you can fill in the relevant form and ask for time to pay in instalments. Yes, bailiffs could end up coming to your door but only if you get a CCJ that you have not complied with.

You need to be sure what this is - have you (or anyone else) made any payments to the debt in the last 6 years, have you acknowledged it in writing? If you have not done either of these then the debt could be statute barred and you could enter a statutes barred defence.

Basically it is how long is a piece of string - there are so many variables but slightly different address and it has got to you even though you have taken your wife's surname - tracing is a full time activity for some collectors so do not ignore it.

Bottom line though is that I have never heard of just a letter from the CC business centre - unless a CCJ had already been granted. They send out forms and templates not requests to know whether a debt is yours or not.

If you have other debts then you might do well to give Payplan a ring on the above number where they can talk you through things in more detail.
By Mr Debt Problems
#472853 yeah it looks like a claim form

it was for a washing machine i ordered from very about 4 years ago.

it was like 350 but i think it's about 480 now with court fees etc etc

i do owe them the money, so it's fair enough

can i pay £1 a month as i can't afford to pay them the full amount

also if i offer them a smaller amount would they be willing to take that as it's done and dusted? say if i said would you just take like 250 quid?
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By JaneClack
#472855 Done and dusted it is not as they have gone for court action so unlikely to accept a full and final offer at this stage - that does not mean that you cannot offer this later if your circumstances have not changed and the money is coming from a third party.

Yes, if you can afford nothing more than that you can offer £1 - but you need to fill in the relevant form which should have come with the claim form itself showing your income and expenditure. And you need to get it back quickly as if you do not there will be a default judgment against you and the creditor can then ask for what he wants per month. Then you would need to fill in another form, an N245, to vary the payment as you cannot afford any more.