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By Davediatant
#472809 Hi, I recently tried to get finance on a car and got declined! Despite trying hard to improve my credit rating over the years. When I investigated why I was declined I found a CCJ on my credit record. I had a rummage through our mail and found 2 letters, one was a claim form and one was a judgement for claimant (in default) I would never ignore something like this and the amount is only £358!

The original debt was owed to mobile phone company Orange and was in or around 2005. Which I thought was or should have been expunged?

The date the ccj letter was sent was 4th august 2016 and the claimant is ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LIMITED.

I would love to just pay this and be done with it, however I have tried so hard over the years to get a good credit score as me and my wife are looking to get a mortgage!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any advise on what I can do to pay and get it removed from my credit report would be gratly appreciated!

Thanks in advance
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By JaneClack
#472812 Oh dear. How unfortunate. When you say you had a rummage through your mail and found a claim form and then the judgment in default, how had you missed this? The reason I ask this is because it costs money to set aside a judgment and you need to say why it should be set aside - not checking the post will not be accepted by the court.
Wales, debts are never expunged but could be statute barred, This means the debt still exists but the creditor cannot
However, if it was six years since you or any co-debtor made any payment to this debt and you had not acknowledged it in writing could be grounds to set it aside unless they already had a CCJ. If you live in England or enforce it through the court. However, it costs almost as much to do this using an N244 as it would to pay the debt back. In Scotland debts are expunged after 5 years of no payment or acknowledgement in writing if the creditor has not taken it to court..

You can pay the debt and this will be reflected on your credit file but as you are doing this more than a month since the CCJ was granted then it will remain there for the full 6 years but it will also show that it has been repaid. You could then add a note to your credit file explaining why it had got to a CCJ and it has now been repaid.