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By Jemmlove
#472781 Hello, I've been living abroad for around 4 years now and as silly as it sounds I'm unsure if I have CC debt or not.
I had a Halifax cc with limit of 1200 that I had paid off before leaving Scotland however I have thus niggling feeling that during my first year abroad I may or may not have used it and if I did I certainly didn't pay it off! :?: I'm still living abroad but will be going back to Scotland to visit soon and would like to find out my situation. How do u approach the bank to do so?
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By JaneClack
#472783 Hello again.
I answered this post on Ask the Expert and the answer is the same - the debt would not be extinguished under the Statute of Limitations in Scotland which says that if nothing has been paid to a debt for 5 years, it has not been acknowledged in writing and they have not gone for court action, then it is extinguished. They could have gone for court action using your last known address incidentally.

The way to find out of course is when you get back to Scotland to request a copy of your credit report - you would need to provide a record of your addresses for the past 6 years and you will see from that if there is anything outstanding including court action. You should contact all three credit reference agencies - Experian, Equifax and Call Credit to be sure. All have presences on the web.