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By Gazza1912
#472759 I have recently started getting emails from a company called Credit Hub with a 033 prefix number in the emails. To all intents and purposes, these emails seem to claim that I have made a loan application with them but I need to supply more details. Their latest email to me states that they have 'raised a ticket' following my 'enquiry' and will get back to me within 72 hours.

(1) I have no idea who this company is.
(2) I have NOT applied for a from this company, or for that matter, any other company.
(3) I have not raised any ticket or made any enquiry to this company
(4) I can find no details, websites etc etc that relates to Credit Hub.

Is this some sort of a scam or could it be that someone either known to me, or indeed not known to me has made a loan application using my personal details without my knowledge or permission?

Any help much appreciated.
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By JaneClack
#472760 I have never heard of them.

Email them and say you know nothing about any application for credit, you do not want credit and you wish them to remove them from your mailing list. I will check and see if I can find out anything Gazza.

I have just done a quick Google and found this: ... -read-this

There is lots of other information on this page but it looks as if it is a broker and has been charging people £14.99 regularly! It also says emails seem to be ignored so write to them and say you will be making a complaint so want a copy of their complaints procedure.

On the same google page there is information saying they no longer offer loans anyway:

They talk about credit reports and checking etc so wonder if perhaps you signed up for that inadvertently?