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By Gazza1912
#472723 I keep getting letters from BT stating that I owe them £42,50. I have not been a BT customer for the past six years, possibly a little more and when I switched supplier I settled up my final BT bill. I did speak with one of the indian operators to advise them of this, even threatened them that I would take further action against them if they continued to pursue me for a debt that I cannot possibly owe as I am not a BT customer.

Today I have received another 'letter' in an orange envelope which they say is a 'tele-message' sent to me today 'electronically'. They are now threatening to 'cut me off' etc etc which of course they cannot do as I am not a BT customer. I even rang them a few days ago and they said they would delete my details from their system as they could not find the account number that I gave them that appears on all of their letters to me.

So I am not in the leaste bit worried about the threats to send Debt Collectors etc etc as I cannot owe money on an account I do not have and have not had for at least six years. What does bother me is the threat to add the details of this account to my Credit File (not that I ever intend to get credit ever again).

Any ideas on how I should deal with this as I am now getting somewhat annoyed by BT 'chasing' me for a debt I cannot possibly owe, not being a BT customer.
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By JaneClack
#472724 Write to them Gazza - explain AGAIN that you have no outstanding bill to BT and are not a BT customer.
Then ask for a copy of their complaints procedure and explain that if they do not apologise and stop chasing you you will be submitting a claim for harassment. You can also explain that these phone calls are not acceptable.