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#472705 Ok people i am new on here and my first post so your help please.....

I have 2 ccj on clearscore

1st ----£351 date 15th December 2014
Court judgment paid --discharged 27th February 2015

2nd ---£1381 date 13th January 2011
Court judgment paid ----discharged 11th August 2015

The first one was a joint ccj my partner never paid something and didnt know about it just paid it when i found out, where do i stand with that ????

I have been reading online that they come off your report after 6 years? Is that from the discharged date or the date it opened.
In my case i hope it is from when it start eg 2011 and 2014.....

I have a poor credit rating so trying to improve it and the ccj are helping me.....
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#472706 Hello and welcome to the site.

CCJs fall off your credit rating 6 years from the date they are put on but as you can see from your file there is also a record put on there that it is discharged. However, the original date remains unless it is cleared within a month of being granted.

You can draw attention to the fact they are cleared and one was joint and you repaid as soon as you found out. If there was a reason you did not pay the other one straight away you can always add that to via a note on the credit file. Or just wait until they fall off!
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