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#472703 Has anyone heard of these people? I've recently received a letter from them claiming I owe them money for an old SKY account. This goes back over six years, maybe 6½ years and I know I don't owe any money to SKY as I settled all my utility bills when I moved home in April 2010.
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#472704 I have never heard of Vanquids as a debt collector of any description - they usually offer credit to those with impaired credit rating at a high rate of interest. Often people use them after bankruptcy and pay off in full every month to start rebuilding their credit rating.

I would certainly question why they are bringing up a debt which has been paid off or statute barred but if you are sure you could check your credit rating free with Experian as any debts under 6 years old or CCJs within the same period would appear there and you moved home in April 2010 which is over 6 years ago now anyway.
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