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By Marty_8219
#472695 Sorry to be blunt but I'm looking for idiot guide answers for a few questions.

1. Can Lowell get a CCJ for debts that have fell off my credit files? Over 8 years since default with nonpayment.

2. If I pay off a default from 2012 in full will they strike off the default from my files

3. Why do some of my defaults show £0 ballence but only one has a date next to the date satisfied section.

4. Does email asking what debts Lowell have and questioning repayment plans (nothing paid) count as aknowlagment of debt. Nothing was signed.

Thanks for any answers I get

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By JaneClack
#472697 Technically no unless acknowledgement has been made in writing or payments have been made to this debt during this time. Things sit on credit files for 6 years even CCJs and fall off even though things are being paid. Remember that if they go for court action they have to prove the debt is not statute barred not you that it is. If this is the case in your situation you can apply for the CCJ to be set aside.

Once a default is put onto your credit file, it remains there for 6 years - you cannot remove it - but if you pay it off in full that is also reflected on the file.

I do not know the answer to the third and would suggest you ask the credit reference agency why. The nil balance is showing though. I will check myself and get back to you.

Yes, an email not stating "alleged" debt would be counted as acknowledgment.