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By TalbotWoods
#467033 Can you prove the final meter readings?

Your new supplier will be able to confirm the meter reading you provided to them. If the new supplier can confirm that they have the handover reading, and if they can confirm that they did pass the meter reading to the old supplier, then you need to raise a formal complaint with the old supplier young their complaints procedure. If they still wish to play stupid, then you may need to take this up to the Ombudsman service.

However, if the new company have used an incorrect reading, or failed to pass the meter reading across to the old supplier, then you need to make the formal complaint to them.

Until you have been the full length of the formal complaints route, no court will entertain any attempt to look for recompense.

So it is complaint procedure .... Ombusman Service.

Please read this form the Ombudsman Service ... tsheet.pdf
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By TalbotWoods
#467053 No they are not beyond the law, but as I said a county court will expect you to have gone down the formal complaints route, to the Ombudsman Service, if not then they normally and correctly reject any claim.

Only if the Ombudsman rules that they cannot proceed as the matter is outside of their jurisdiction, can you take it to court as an individual. Remember the Ombudsman is legally binding, and their rulings can be enforced as with a court order!

If the Ombudsman cannot rule then that opens the normal CCJ rule for you, but the problem here is that courts rarely will allow compensation claims to be taken through on the public CCJ route.

Obviously there is noting stopping you paying for private High Court action. However, before you can even apply, you have to show you can pay the full court costs, and have sufficient funds available (or guaranteed) should you fail, and would automatically be liable to pay the defendants costs. I believe the current minimum mouth is about £24K before it can proceed.