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By abradleyjourno
#466303 Hi All,

The moderators have kindly let me post this invitation.

Channel 5 are holding a studio debate on the issue of personal debt on Monday 17th March, in Central London from 10-11pm.

We're looking for people who have a view on the issue to come along and be part of our audience. We'll have representatives of the banks, pay day lenders, celebrities and journalists taking part as well.

Maybe you've had debt problems yourself, or maybe you're strongly of the view that people should only spend money they've saved. Maybe you think that lenders make it too easy to borrow money, and don't do enough checks.

If you'd like to come and take part, or find out more information please email me:

We can help with transport costs to get to the studio.

Many thanks

Adrian Bradley
ITN Productions for Channel 5
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By TalbotWoods
#466503 The Big 'Can't Pay' Debt Debate: Live

How much do you owe? And whose fault is it? British families owe more than at any time in history - £1.4 trillion, or to put it another way, an average debt of £54,000 per household. More than two and a half million households now spend more on bills than they earn every month. Even if you take out mortgages, the average family owes more than £8,000 and many owe a great deal more. If they lose their jobs, like all of us, they're within a few days from financial disaster.

But whose fault is it? The credit card companies and banks who encourage us to spend? The pay day loan firms who've cashed in on the recession? Or is it down to the people who get themselves in debt. Is it down to a culture of spend, spend, spend?

Now, in the light of the hit series Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!, this debate will explore our cash crisis in a vociferous, volatile live event. Those in dire debt, politicians, bankers, loan companies, celebrities – including those who've gone bankrupt themselves - finance experts, columnists and opinion formers will question who is responsible. ... ebate-live