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By redrobin33
#464063 Hello
My husband and I lived in Australia but came back to the UK unexpectedly when my mother in law was diagnosed with cancer. We had taken out a loan with Evergreen Finance in Aus, and although we left enough money to carry on paying for around 6 months, this money has now run out and we cannot afford to pay it. Evergreen have contacted us this week as our January payment wasn't received, and they have said they will contact their UK collection agents. Please can you tell me where we stand? I read on other forums that they cannot find us in the UK but on this forum it definitely says they can! We owe around 8k AUD
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By TalbotWoods
#464083 Hi and welcome

OK Australia and the UK DOES have recipricol agreements to dealing with debts, so yes Evergreens CAN direct their UK branch or any other agency to act on their behalf.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as vanishing from sight completely in the UK, at some stage if you stay your are going to need to open UK bank accounts, be paid, ect. All these can lead to you being traced.

There are propel who have tried, living on cash only, but in the end they get traced.

Unfortunately I am not aware of the terms and agreements of the loans form Australia, nor too sure about how the Australian Companies view debt.

But if you cannot afford to pay, you MUST tell them that, and tell them what you want to happen. If you choose not to talk, then they are goign to assume you are a wont pay, rather than a cant pay. And that can and does have serious consequences in any country