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By MarkHobbs
#6908 Hi, im hopeing someone can help me with a problem my family is currently having.

My brother has managed to land himself in a fair amount of debt. So much so that he has companies threatening quite severly with bailiff orders.

My question is can a bailiff come into my Mothers home even though as the soul houseowner she didnt put her name on any of his credit or loan agreements??

I thought that she would have to have signed her name on his credit agreements saying she is willing to put her address as the base of his agreement, she has definately not done this at any time. Im very gratefull for any help on this, just need to know where we stand.

IF they CAN come into my mothers property how is it lawfull they can take what doesnt belong to my brother?? We dont have reciepts of ALL our personal purchases.

Much appreciated, Mark.
#6912 Firstly, don't EVER let a Bailiff into the house, or enable them to get into the house ( including leaving windows and doors ajar ) - regardless of what they say.

Secondly ( although there is divided opinion here ! ) I always found that speaking to the Bailiffs was a more co operative tactic than avoiding or ignoring them .

It's important to note, though, that they can only act ( with a few exceptions for Council Tax and fines ) when a CCJ has been issued - I'm not sure ifthings have reached this far, or whether his creditors are simply threatening this at this stage. There isn't such a thing as a 'Bailiff Order' so you may be worrying unnecesarily.

The ownership of the address is irrelevant, although the Bailiffs would not be permitted to take anything belonging to anyone other than your brother although I am fairly sure that you will find that if he makes the fiurst step to contact them to suggest a resolution, it won't get this far !

If he has a flash car registered in his name, it wouldn't be that smart a move parking it on the road, though !