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By oliver05
#6784 My husband bought a car and whilst paying to back, nearly at the end of the payment period (May HP would have been finished in Sept) faced inprisonment. So being sensible he decided to hand it back as we could not make the payments. The company tried to get us to pay a lower figure but we could afford it. It was agreed that we would make small payments each month until such times we could clear it. This is going back to May 2001. They sent these little payment slips which we used up. Still owing money we recieved a letter asking for a copy of the payment book by some auditors, we wrote back saying we had no book but would like one if possible so we could keep track of payments. No reply, wrote to company asking for payment book, no reply, so I stopped making payments as I had no proof that these payments were coming off my account. Some years later when my husband was in prison, they asked for payments, they were told he was in prison and he agreed to make a payment of a pound a week off the debt. But after consultation with the Citizens Advice Bureau asked for a monthly statement with payment slip at foot so to make the payment. No reply, then a statement came to the house with a nil balance. Again letters have been sent to him asking for a payment, but they wont give any payment book, how can we pay when we dont know where the money is going, I will check the statement but I dont think the money we paid at the begining has come off the balance, do i continue to ignore them as they do me, how do I stand on this one?
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By JaneClack
#6786 It is your husband's car I assume so he has the right to ask for a breakdowon of the accounts and where the payments were going - I am not sure of the exact law but they have to send you the figures within a reasonable period. I will check up on this and find the right things but I notice they are not going for court action basically because they know they are on a fairly sticky wicket here. How on earth could someone in prison pay anything so you must be paying it for him! I'll be back soon unless a knwledgable expert posts in what it is.