Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By skint1
#4879 I have to laugh at this but I am also disgusted.

Since going bankrupt on the 1st March.This week I have received 10 different offers for credit cards at extortionate rates of interest.Several from the same company mind you.

Do they go through the insolvency register or something like that?

I think it is terrible that they should be allowed to do this.

Luckily I have learnt and throw these in the bin.But I can not believe these companies.49.9% apr.Some people are desperate enough to apply for this.

Creditors wonder why people campaign for responsible lending and then do this.

Has any one else experienced this?
Do you keep getting stuff like this through the door.Or do they get bored?
#4954 The companies sending you this info will not yet relaise that you are bankrupt as you are just part of a mailshot rather than personally being approached by them - although it can feel like that ! Ironically, if you read the small print on nearly all of them, you would be ineligible to apply due to the bankruptcy - and several people have sought high and low to find a credit card for undischarge bankrupts without luck ( with the exception of one well known one ).
By skint1
#4959 Sorry bI didn't actually say.

One company has sent me several letters inviting me to apply for a credit card.
They state that they know I am an undischarged bankrupt and would like to help me rebuild my credit!!!

I think it may well be this well know company :wink:

I just wondered how they got the info to do this.I have never had stuff like this before.