Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By agesofelegance
#4558 Beofre I realised this was going to happen I started the process of changing my supply companies to a better deal and my NTL free offer had just run out so gone back to BT.
The changeovers for both power and phone happened last week and I ahevn't yet had the full and final payment demand through fo teh last couple fo month's usage. I ahd one from both companies in feb as a knee jerk to my cancelling the direct debit but didn't pay as I knew it was wrong as estimated. so unsure what to do about adding these to debts as the new ones probably won't arrive before the hearing, but I ahev the old ones sitting here. should I jsut ignore them and not put on teh forms
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By JaneClack
#4618 You will have to include them unless you can get them to speed up the bills to you - if they are outstanding they legally should be included. If you tell them you are anticipating bankruptcy then that will spur them on. The more important thing is that the current supplier is up to date so ask for monthly billing and pay before you go bankrupt!
By agesofelegance
#4625 just paid BT as it was due out ont eh 17th. the power supplier hasn't got a bill showing yet so hopefully ok everythign else up to date