Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By flower1974
#4644 Hi skint1,

Did you have your OR interview face to face on the same day, I scared witless. I have gambling transactions on my bank statemens which i have admitted on my petition but im really worried how bad this looks. I know you were not in the same boat as me but how bad is the interview?
By skint1
#4659 Hi,
I had to go straight around to the OR.
I had a brief interview at which I had to hand over all cards and cheque books etc.

I then had to go back a week later for a more in depth interview.This took just over 1hr.

If you have gambling transactions telling the truth about it is all you can do.
If someone has a gambling problem I understand they like to see that they are getting some help for this.

Although I had to explain where the money was spent.When I told them I paid off the balances on cardit cards with a loan to consolidate debt.They wanted to know the amounts.I wasn't asked what I bought on the credit cards and when I did try to explain they weren't interested.

I hope this helps.

Try not to worry it isn't anywhere near as bad as you imagine.