Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By Shell-e
#4419 Hi

My partner is in the process of filling out his bankruptcy forms and is looking forward to finally getting out of the mess he is in, I have been happy for him to go bankrupt as I think it’s the best option, he owes about £28k and is not going to be pay it off anytime soon and so we see bankruptcy as the best option….but im really worried about the OR interview.
My partner isn’t the best at answering questions or being put on the spot hence why I took over dealing with his creditors, he has a habit of saying things just to shut them up or just messing it up all together through him panicking. I think that when the OR questions him he is likely to get in a panic and think they are trying to integrate him (I know they will a bit)
What can we expect? We haven’t got nothing to hide, he is pretty skint but im sure they will want proof of where his money goes and what he has left, if any is left where does it go etc but he doesn’t really have proof!
He earns £400 a week before tax.
After Tax, NI and agency fees (as he works for an agency) he takes home between £230 - £290.
He usually has about £60 left after he has paid for what he needs to – will they want to take this and leave us with nothing for things like food, shopping, his weekly football costs?
My partner does not get paid for holiday or sick pay.
Also his bank, Halifax have recently been declining his cheques and direct debits and said they will take money from his bank account to pay back some of his Halifax bank loan – because of this he has changed his pay to go into my account – will the OR think were trying to do something dodgy - we are not! Will they want to investigate me?

Thanks in advance!
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By JaneClack
#4421 No they will not think he is doing something dodgy as the bank has the right of offset as they told him so would just be moving the money around and charging him more for an unauthorised overdraft. As he has now moved his money it might be a good idea for him to write to the bank and explain that he is having financial difficulties and make a token payment - postal order - as a sign of good faith!

Anyone would be nervous but if he has nothing to hide and just tells the truth there will be no problem. The interview is not rocket science and if he doesn't know an answer he has to say so. They will investigate any bank statements so will see if there has been anything untoward.
By Shell-e
#4423 Hummmm okay thanks.

He has already sent off token payments for everyone and most have been ok apart from the collection agency who are dealing with his loan - it seems A dosent talk to B!
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By JaneClack
#4424 They never seem to!