Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By bothered
#4392 I went bankrupt earlier this year, everything went okay and creditors stopped harrassing us, but now 2 months on one of the creditors - a bank to which we owe most of the debt in loans/bank account/credit card is calling us directly 6-8 times a day and refusing to acknowledge bankrupcy. They telephoned tonight and I told them that the OR's office have said they need to correspond with them directly and that the matter is now out of our hands. They then replied that they will only be corresponding with us directly and that their company solicitor will be contacting us directly. Has anyone else had this problem? Can this cause any problems? :roll: :!: :!: :!:
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By Nicky
#4397 Hilarious! (not for you I know but...)

So this creditor thinks that they are outside of the law? Next time they call you, ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. Explain you are considering their action as HARRASSMENT! Explain, that if they do not stop then you will be taken legal action against THEM! You owe them nothing!

Explain also that you will be writing a letter of complaint to The Office of Fair Trading if this harrassment continues, and you will be requesting an investigation into their practices and requesting their Consumer Credit Licence to be revoked under the terms of harrassment.

(The OFT will at least log your complaint if nothing else but the last thing they would want is the OFT investigating their business)

The Official Receiver needs to get involved with this also to contact this company to stop them from contacting you.

The company is obviously full of amatures and dont know their right hand from their left otherwise they might have a clue about what happens to debt in bankruptcy. :roll:
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By JaneClack
#4405 The other thing is that if you were to give them any money you would breaking the law! Do they want you to do that?

Send them a copy of your BO and tell them to FO!
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By Nicky
#4417 What was that Sarah? Tell them to Fly to Ontario? :mrgreen:
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By sammie
#4469 ah this post rings true with us too!
the day we went bankrupt we were being hassled 4x a day by a certein bank regarding a loan my husband had! after 3 days i decided to take the call for him to advise her of the situation. she asked to speak to my husband, of which i asked who was calling, she said claire. i explained he wasnt there could i take a message, she said tell him his bank had called. i replied to her that she could talk to me. where she informed me it had nothing to do with me!! ( this woman was getting so fluttered , but i knew she couldnt do anything as he was bankrupt!) :D
i simply told her that i knew she was from *** bank, and that i needed to inform her my husband was made bankrupt, and any dealings need to be made with the or. she got very stroppy with me, and told me to get my husband to ring asap to arrange payment!
eh hello didnt you just hear me..hes bankrupt, and cannot have any more dealings with you. i went on to give her the case number and address for the or, where she shouted over the top of me " no good to me, we shall be instructing our recovery dept to recover the debt" and slammed the phone down on me!
obviously on commision!! dont worry about it, it takes a few weeks/months for the information to get throught to all the relevant depts. they cant do anything, but i know how frustrating it is. i didnt answer the phone for months, and just dialed 1571 if i had any messages. still do it now out of habit, even thou i was discharged in jan!!!