Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By Chris003
#4279 Hi all

I have a few questions re: bancruptcy.

1. I am registered as living in Manchester, but lodge (ie: not on tenancy documents but pay halves for rent/bills) in Bedfordshire, and work in London. Which court should I petition at????

2. If I am on no tenancy agreement and 'lodge' in bedfordshire, will the OR say that because it isn't all legally documented ask for an Income payment instead?

3. How do I prove I am paying half to the bills/rent, when I haven't yet started paying as I have just started my new job and couldn't afford to before? There is no transfer of funds on my account yet.

4. If I petition now, I don't know the exact figures of take home pay, NI etc. I haven't been paid yet! Do I put an estimate?

Thanks ever so much for any help :wink:
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By JaneClack
#4286 You would apply where you had lived mostly in the last 6 months - so I would say Bedfordshire.

You may have no tenancy agreement but you will need to furnish proof of how much you pay in rent - the OR can contact your landlord if you do not have this so really they ought to know unless they can provide you with a rent book.

If you petition now you will have to give an estimate obviously and you will estimate what the bills are and then you would need to back this up from bills etc