Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By JohnDoe
#4277 Hi all, I've finally started work on Thursday after a few months unemployed. It's not what I do, but it's an income and enjoyable and will probably work in my favour once I go B as I doubt I have any surplus cash, or it'll be minimal.
However, my concern is that the company say they're going to get me a company credit card!!!!!!!!!, so they don't have to keep giving me cash to get diesel for the van (it's a van driving job) plus I stay away some nights and I can pay for accomadation with it, otherwise I could just have a fuel card.
Now I haven't mentioned to them my situation, but have no quarms about telling them if I need to, I just thought I'd get my foot firmly in the door first before we got too personal.
But now I'm just a bit concerned that I've got to tell them everything sooner than I'd like as presumaby I'll get credit scored for the card (it just so happens to be with the bank I owe 10k to) and get declined.
Also if I did somehow get it, what would the OR's actions be once I go B??

Thoughts and opinons always gratefully received
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By JaneClack
#4278 If it is a company credit card then it should not be a problem but you have a duty to inform them that you are an undischarged bankrupt if any credit is over £500 and I do think that even if you had less on it you should be obliged to tell them. They will know something is up anyway as you will have a nil tax code until April if you do it before then and till the following April if you do it afterwards. It is their credit card not yours so your credit rating is not being checked.
By JohnDoe
#4289 Thanks Sarah.
I can't see myself having the funds for my B petition for a month or so, so it'll give me time to get to know them better.

Thanks again.