Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By Alison
#3502 Hi
I made myself bankrupt on the 19th Jan and obviously as its early days I am still getting letters from collection agencies threatening court action. Should I call them and tell them the situation or should I leave it as the OR will be getting in contact with them anyway.
Thanks in advance for any advice
By Bayroo
#3503 Hi

I would be really grateful to hear how it went and your experience so far.
By Alison
#3506 Hi my story is in the introductions section :D
By Bayroo
#3507 ok thanks
#3513 Hi Alison

I went bankrupt a couple of months ago. I received a couple of letters - I think it takes a while for the OR to contact all your creds, so probably they just haven't heard yet.

I just wrote back and gave them the address of the OR office dealing with my case, and enclosed a copy of my bankruptcy order. I've received no further letters whatsoever since, so I think that does the trick.

PS - reading your post on the other bit, sorry your OR interview was like that. Still, it's over and done with and can only go uphill from now on!

#3524 Hello Alison,
I received a few collection letters after the B but called them all back and explained the situation. Most of them where OK once you had given them your B ref and details for the OR but one company in particular (Credit Solutions) didnt quite seem to understand.

So after calling them back twice (at my expense) to explain I was told that I had to send them copies of my documentation (in other words prove I was Bankrupt not just playing at it) even though they could check and verify the details online if they so wished.

So I got into a big debate about how I would have to go down to staples and buy a fax/copier to send then the info they already had access to which would cost me money I didnt have and I would have to inform the OR of the purchase etc etc etc.

Funny thing is the lady at CS got very annoyed with me during our conversation. She asked simple questions and I gave honest answers.

Lady "Do you have a telephone number?"
Me "Yes, you know I do you called me !"

lady "Do you have a Mobile number ?"
Me "Yes thank you"
Lady "Can I have it ?"
Me "No"
Lady "Why not ?"
Me " Because I dont want to give it to you "

It was around this point she slammed the phone down on me (and I thought we were getting on so well) never heard from them since