Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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#3092 Was made bankrupt back in December and I am looking to move in with my girlfriend at her mum's house in the next couple of months.

Now I know I have to inform the OR within 21 days of any changes so once I move I will let them know.

However having sat down with my girlfriend's mum and worked out the rent and bills I would pay, there is hardly any change in the figures compared to where I am currently living and what I put on my statement.

As there is no change in my finances do I not say anything to the OR? Or shall I get a letter from my girlfriend's mum confirming the rent and the bills as I did before for the OR to save time?

I would like to know so that it doesn't delay any possible early discharge
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#3095 Do as you did before. If you have provided them with all the details and this is confirmed by your new "landlady" then you are doing everything you need to do to comply with the terms of your bankruptcy. It should not delay an early discharge - if one was going to happen. You cannot say it will under any circumstances. What you can say is that if you have complied with the terms of the bankruptcy you will be automatically discharged in no more than 1 year.
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It is part of your bankruptcy terms that you have to let the OR know of any changes in circumstance. To a certain degree this is a common sense issue - IE he does not need or want to know about any small uniportant changes, but a change of address is quite an important thing so you will need to inform him when you move.

Just send a very brief letter with your new address, explaining that the move has not changed your I&E (you could enclose a copy), and leave it at that.

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