Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By chivasgirl
#2897 Can anyone tell me if they have had problems with their electricity or gas supplies? We have been with the same supplier for electricity for a number of years and have just had a big catchup bill after moving house which leaves us with about £350 owing. Of course they have just upped the direct debit which would be fine, but I realise this debt will have to be added to the bankruptcy. So will the gas. We moved to British Gas when we moved house in July but it has taken until 2 months ago to get it moved over. We very quickly moved back to original provider. Just as well, we received bill from BG and for what would have been £55 with original provider is £77 with BG. I can absolutely recommend moving from BG, their rates are so much higher.

Anyway, so now we will have a bill from British Gas which will have to be added, as we can't pay it (they have underestimated and due to their higher charges we're looking at around £150) and the electricity.

I realise if we can't bring the electric up to date (gas is due to move back next week) we will have to add it and then it is likely they will terminate our supply.

How are we meant to get utilities? Is this something people have a problem with? I would very much appreciate people's experiences.

#2926 Hello

I think if you go B. owing money for gas/electricty I don't think they cut off your supply entirly, but they install meters, so you have to 'pay as you go'.

Is there no way that you could get a friend or relative to give the money to you as a 'gift;? :wink:

As a last resort, depending on when you're planning to go bankrupt, could you pay the bills via credit card and make token repayments untill you go B? Not a viable solution if you're planning to do it in the next couple of weeks or so, but if in a couple of months hence you 'suddenly realise' you can't pay the credit card in full....
By chivasgirl
#2940 sadnskint I can't use any of my cards any more, but would also be really concerned about doing that as I don't think I can leave it alot longer until I do the deed. We are hoping to try for F&Fsettlements for my OH's debts, so in the meantime are going to move the DDs into his account which has an OD limit, so things will at least get paid (utilities, CTax etc). We will also put everything into his name if they will do that. I will ask for the DD to be reduced (they've just increased to try to bring back into credit very quickly so am going to ask them to try to get it back over a year instead, which means at least the monthly payment will go back down to about £50 instead of £90).

As long as we still have a supply, I won't mind if we have to pay by key card. It will mean we know what we're using - we run several fishtanks and it's amazing how much power they use. Shame we don't have electric eels....! :lol: [/i]