Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By doglover
#2825 Hi

I just wondered why they need my partners details of wages, incommings and outgoings.
We are not married
We had no joint debts
I worked, he looked after the kids and i paid the bills.
Now he works, i pay about 500 a month on food for 5, coal, and petrol and he pays literally everything else.
The 500, is all i have comming in, wages, csa, child benefit. Based on these figures, the OR has already stated that a repayment scheme looks like its out of the question.

Can I refuse to answer the OR's questions about my partners income, as he says its my debt so they shouldnt need his details. In fact he is getting quite angry about it.

On one hand i dont want to say no to the OR's questions and on the other i can see his point. I'm not sure i would like someone poking in my affairs if the boot was on the other foot, so to speak.

Has anyone had any experience of this and why the OR needs to know?
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By Nicky
#2828 Is the OR aware that you have no joint debts? Its understandable to want to know outgoings of the household, i.e. water/rent/tax/electric e.t.c. so that may trigger off the interest as to how much your partner contributes to these things, however, I see no reason why the OR would need to know about your partners income or personal expenditures?


Ok, so, it looks like the OR was trying to see if there was an IPO available. As you said the OR doesnt seem to think a repayment plan will be possible, it might be worth you stressing your concerns regarding the grief you are getting from your partner because he/she isnt happy about requesting the info.

However, if the OR wants this info, they have every right to get it and can use the legal system to get it if necessary. But it just sounds like it was a way to see if the OR could get anything back for the bankruptcy, but if its obvoius he cant, then he/she may be willing to forget it. The best thing to do is speak to the OR about it.
#2830 Hello

I'm assuming you are still awaiting your OR interview?

On my form, instead of putting what my OH earns I put all the bills I pay on the I&E section, and what OH contributes per month (about half his salary) towards them - as 'Income from non-dependant'.

I think the main reason they want to know is to ensure that you're not married to a millionair and taking the p***...

The OR at first questioned why I hadn't filled out OH's income, but was fine when I explained. He asked me roughly what OH earns - and I was prepared to explain what he spends it all on - but the OR seemed satisfied with what I told him and didn't seem to want much more detail.

Hope this sets you mind at ease!
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By JaneClack
#2834 As Simon says again and again no-one is responsible for their partner's debts.... If he did not pay rent and utilities etc where would you live? Tell the OR that they are not his debts and you do not know what he earns - he is not obliged to tell you and the OR has no right to ask him! However, if he is paying out more than you are I see no reason just to state that!