Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By billykeats
#2318 Please don't start to worry me.

I checked some time ago and my local court told me that they don't do bankruptcy and the only one that does is in The Strand in London.

Now from my understanding of what people have said with this court is that they deal with bankrupty every day and you just turn up on the day with you forms filled out. Pay the fee and get them sworn in. Wait for you to be called into the court. Get the bankruptcy approved and then await the OR to contact you

Now if I am wrong then please tell me now. I live in London NW9 and have lived here for 31 years

Sarah help me!
#2319 Hi Billy

Sorry to butt in, but I have been reading your posts with interest. I appreciate what you're going through (am in a similar position and also on anti-depressants!), I know it's really stressful but will all be over

Probably a daft question, but have you not tried simply ringing the court at which you're intending to petition, to check ?!

Noboday has a crystal ball and cannot answer every single question you have, sometimes you just have to go for things/figure them out yourself.

The advice given by Sarah and co. on this forum is really good - trust what she says and try stop worrying so much. If you read post on this and other debt forums, I think you'll find everyone who's done bankruptcy has said how much better things have become since.
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By JaneClack
#2320 Thanks Sadnskint - and, Billy, I think Doglover was trying to help but YOU have done all your checking so don't fret.

Billy - you are doing the right thing but just give the High Court a ring to put your own mind at ease. If you are there you will just sit there until the deed is done and be out in time for your Xmas party. You have done the checking, you've got the forms and filled them in and you've got your money. You know it is the High Court in the Strand and you know how to get there. YOU ARE FINE. Just so you have double checked for your own peace of mind, do give them a ring though and then come back and tell us.
By billykeats
#2321 I have just called them.

They do bankruptcy Monday to Friday. I can turn up on the day without an appointment provided I am there before 12noon. They open at 10am. I have to go to Room 211, 2nd Floor of the Thomas Moore Building with my £457 and my forms.

They checked my address and it is the correct court.

Panic over but I will let people know how it goes so then our people know in the future

Thank you all
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By JaneClack
#2323 There you are.

We are waiting with bated breath .....

Good luck although you will not need it :wink: