Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By in too deep
#2031 Hi Guys,

Wanted opinions on Bank Accounts. Have the basic one, after i was made bankrupt (Oct 25th), which is fine, but one other one I had before which i told the OR about and was never really used, and has a zero balance (which it does), hasn't been touched... I can still get into it on the internet...I have no O/D on it and no CC or borrowing facility etc.

My other main account has already been frozen and they have written to me. Given that it's the 10th nov today, do you think they are likely to leave this alone as it's been a while since i was declared now??

And if they do, can i use it if i tell them?

Cheers - advice would be appreciated..
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By Nicky
#2033 I would have thought that the account would have been frozen by now if it was going to be. You could, to be on the safe side, inform the bank you are bankrupt and see if they still let you have the account, as some do, or, use the account and see what happens.

Its not something you can really give a straight answer to really. :(