Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By mariem
#1941 Hi,

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on renting while bankrupt... I am planning on moving into a new apartment with my friend & her boyfriend (which they are in the process of buying at the minute). I want to petition my own bankruptcy when I've moved in... trouble is, I don't want them to know.... will the OR contact them or can I get the info he will require? What will he need to confirm my renting arrangement? Since it's a friend I'm renting from, I don't think she was planning on drawing up a rental agreement... but will I need one for the OR? I don't think she had even planned on a rent book or anything.... we were going to keep it pretty flexible.... I'm now realising that I probably will need something to confirm my rent payments. I can probably make up some excuse to my friend as to why I need some receipts for rent paid... will that be enough for the OR??

I'd appreciate any advice or experiences anyone might have on this subject.

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By Nicky
#1945 Hi Marie

From what I understand, I believe you will need to show a copy of a tenancy agreement and proof that your payments are up to date to show you have no rent arrears. As long as there are no arrears, there is no reason for the OR to contact your landlord. I think under the circumstances, the OR will ask you to provide some kind of proof regarding your payments which will be satisfactory.