Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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#224356 Very mercenary question i know but it's the only real way i will loose any money going BR.

I realise if someone pases away in the first year before being released it's fair game but after speaking with someone today they were saying if you have a restriction order placed on you, which i probably will from gambling in the last 2 years, the OR can extend this period/the period in which any winfalls could/would be taken from you.......

Is this the case?

#230923 restrcitions as an undischarged bankrupts are different from the restriction orders ones in that once discharged the requirement to disclose the windfalls etc is no longer. if you are aware of the widnfall before the discharge date or it becomes due such as a person died before the date but you found out before then the asset may be treated as an after acquired asset if the official receiver knows about it.
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