Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By ricardot
#219412 hi all,
after reading several pages online regarding meeting with the official receiver after i have petitioned to discuss my income/ expenditures, i was wondering what would happen as to me proving some utility costs/payments as i share a flat and my flatmate has all utilities in his name, (apart form council tax, both names), would i just need to supply copies just to prove i reside there?

many thanks

richard t
By Iphigenia
#219425 I suspect - but it's only an opinion - that the OR will just believe your figures, unless there is anything in the overall situation that makes them suspicious.
My utility bills were very high by nature of the tied house I have to live in. I explained on the form why they were so high and the OR didn't ask for proof.
I wasn't asked to prove where I live either - are you on the electoral roll?
By ricardot
#219433 HI,

yes, im on the electoral roll, only utility bills are not in my name..

also, do you get a petrol allowance as my partner lives a 330 mile round trip away and i go once a week?
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By JaneClack
#219450 That depends on whether he feels it is a realistic expense.

He may feel that a rail trip is cheaper or he may accept you need the car - but it will be his decision.