Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By Elaben
#219359 I'm intending to apply for Bankruptcy in January. There are some things I'm not sure about.
1. Do I have to cancel my mobile phone contract which has another 22 months to run?
2. I am a peripatetic teacher. I have to collect cheques from parents to enable my pupils to take exams. These are made payable to the examining body and not to me, they are sent directly to the examining body by me. Will I still be able to do this because if not I will not be able to carry on with my job in any way?
Do I have to inform the school I have become Bankrupt? They do not pay my wages.
I have a Barclays cashcard account and have informed them that I intend to apply for Bankruptcy. Assuming I will be able to keep this account, will I be able to continue to pay my bills my direct debit as I do now?
Thank you.
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By JaneClack
#219516 I am not sure about the mobile phone contract - if the OR allows you to keep it the company itself may have different ideas.

As the cheques are not payable to you, I cannot see any problem with this.

You do not have to tell the school unless the contract you have with them specifies this and if you do not have one then why tell them - it is very, very unlikely that any notice would go into the local newspaper nowadays.

If Barclays do allow you to keep the account open (and if they do not there is always the ethical Co-operative) then of course you will be able to do direct debits etc as usual.
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By oh dear
#219540 I had a mobile contract just started in april due to run until 2011,
I put it down as a debt and phoned O2 told them and they have been great, letting me keep the number and transfer onto pay as you go.
Was told i could have continued the contract, but with a spending cap on the bills, as long as it's not too expensive the OR should be ok with it as it's for work.