Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By kneedelp
#219269 hello totally stressed here at the moment.just received a letter from mercers debt collections agency saying if we dont telephone them immediately they will instruct a local debt collector to visit us at our worried to death,how do i deal with this please? as you can see from my other posts we are hoping to go br early in the new year and we have ignored persistent phone calls and letters from our creditors so far.any advice please?
By johnny 73
#219270 the chances of anyone calling at your home are very very small, it rarely happens. but even if it does this is NOT a bailiff, and the caller will just be a bod from their office. he has no right of entry to your home, cant take away your goods etc and has no more power than your window cleaner does. therefore there's very little to worry about

dont call a debt collection office, its always better to deal with them in writing
By kneedelp
#219271 thankyou for your very swift advice.just one more thing please.bearing in mind im doing my best to ignore all calls and letters due to fact we going br shortly,should i write to mercers or not please?thankyou once again as i can feel my stress level going down.
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By TalbotWoods
#219272 I would recomemnd NOT telling any DCA or Creditor what you are palnning to do, as this could result in hell of a lot more activity from them to try and put more pressure on you to pay.

The other side of this (and please don't take offence) is that they hear a lot of people saying they are going to go bankrupt, purely as a means to try and stop the calls and letters, but they are aware that a very high percentage of the people don't enter into insolvency, so basically ignore you!!

I appreacite that the pressure is building, but if you are entering into bankruptcy in January, there is now very little they can do. They dont have time to go for a CCJ, so your safe from that, and without a CCJ, they cannot instruct baliffs, all they can do is carry on threatening to send doorstep callers, and 99.999% of the time that is all it is, a verbal or written threat to try and scare you into paying them money.

By johnny 73
#219290 i hae seen a few cases where a DCA has left a debtor alone if they know bankruptcy is a soon coming option, but much more often i have seen the DCA escalate contact trying to get a payment before BR date