Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By kamello
#219150 hi there,

i hope you can help me in my trouble,i have 15000 pounds in debt and i have new born baby and my wife is housewife,i work as driving instructor but my earning is no more than 160 pounds a week,i can't pay my creditor,i lease a car for work which the contract expired soon,my wife want to buy me a car that worth around 2000 pounds,so i avoid paying the lease of the car which affect my earning.
my question:i want my wife to register the car on her name,if i do that would she loose the car after bankrupcy because she is part of the houshold?thank you very much for your help
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By JaneClack
#219157 How will your wife buy a car when she has no income?

That is the question the Official Receiver will ask when he checks on money going out of your account.