Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By Horus
#212794 Hi, I've got a different scenario for the BR paperwork...

I've recently got a job after being unemployed since the start of January, the twist is - I'm doing 3 weeks training here before I move abroad to work in a non EU country. I'm not actually being paid in sterling for the training completed here and I'm employed by the foreign branch of the company.

So my problem is section 6 of the BR paperwork dealing with employment.

I am employed but have no idea where my payroll department is let alone what my pay reference number will be as I'll only get my first pay check at the end of May.

I don't know what to put down as my salary as it fluctuates constantly with the exchange rate. I also don't know what my tax will amount to yet...though I can guesstimate through looking on the internet.

There is no National Insurance so that one is easy...

I'm guessing for the Income tax reference I can use my existing UK one, giving the address of the tax office as the UK one.

Should I leave this section to be filled in at the court (this Wednesday...) or should I just put in my best guess?

Also looking at section 7 - outgoings, since I haven't earned anything since January should I put zeros for how much I am paying or should I put half the household bills that I would be paying were I earning a salary? If I put zero then presumably my wife would put the full amount in?