Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By hardyzgirl17
#212754 As of 9:38am on the 23rd of April i am now bankrupt !!!
The judge said i shouldnt have any issues as it seems really straight forward my case.

Got taken into an interview room then and stayed there for an hour while i waited for a call from the OR . She seemed nice a little slow and sometimes a bit thick but nice. asked about all my assets and accounts and said that she would right to all my creditors today and ignore anthing from them or if you have any calls say im bankrupt give her number and thats it.
I shall receive a letter in the post with 3 forms i need to sign and send back . All of which need to be witnessed by anyone family or friend. On the letter i will have the date and time of my telephone interview.
I did ask for a face to face but they couldnt accomodate that unless i had special needs.

So thats it !!!! i just want to go thru the or thing and then be done !!!

IM FREE !!!!
By munki75
#212759 Nice one hardyzgirl17!

Glad it all went okay.

I have my face-to-face interview next week. I prefer that to a telephone one so it has worked out quite well. My weekend will now be spent trying to locate 2 years worth of Bank Statements and Invoices! :-)

Munki75 x