Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By kitingplasterer
#205479 Hello, ive got a friend who is in lots of debt and also took out cards in his fathers name to do balance transfers from cards when could not get anymore in his name.

he own 2 properties which are in negative equity now and repayments outway income.

He would like to go Br but has £17,000 on cards in his fathers name.

What is the situatin here, if he was to go Br could this be taken also as they were balance transfers from cards in his own name.

I dont think he can but not too sure

Any advice would be great

(i went br a few years back and never looked back)
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By Yogi Bear
#205480 If he goes bankrupt, he can only include debts in his own name.

He's in for some awkward questions from the OR I would say, as the balance transfers are bound to come to light. :shock: