Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By mabbs
#1352 I just tried posting this on the Ask the Expert page but it hasn't come up for some reason so am reposting my questions here.

Basically i am currently trying to fill out form 6.28 and have a few queries in certain places.

1) In the list of unsecured creditors, do I have to fill in the date incurred, as I don't know the dates of most of them.

2) In section 6.4 Employment. I have been self employed for the past 2 years so hence have completed my end of year tax return (the first one I completed last year). My first tax return included some full time employment before I went self employed and I ended up getting a tax rebate. Since then I have not paid any tax as I have not yet completed my new tax return. What do i put down as how much tax I pay each month?

3) Although I have been renting a room off a friend of mine for a few months now, I still have all my post and business correspondance sent through to my parents house where I was previously living. I do not have a tenancy agreement with my friend, so would I list his house as somewhere I rent, or a property I have interest in, or just not list it at all?

4) Depending on the answer to the last question, who would I put down as my household occupents? My parents or my friend I'm living with at the moment?

5) Finally, once I have completed the form, do I just take it along to my local court along the the appropriate fees? I rang my local CAB earlier today to ask them the same questions, but as I have not spoke to them before they said I should come in to discuss alternatives to bankruptcy, even though I have been speaking to the national debtline, and know I have no alternative. Do I have to involve the CAB at all?

Sorry for so many questions and hope you can be of some help.


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By Nicky
#1371 Hi Paul, I can't help u with this one unfortunately, but hopefully someone will come along who has been through this proceedure and give you a bit of advice.


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By JaneClack
#1504 Go to the CAB. If you have been advised to go bankrupt by NDL tell them and ask for help in filling in the form. Try posting again on Ask the Expert as Simon is much more au fait with the bankruptcy forms and he will be able to give you definitive answers. You could try filling it in yourself with what you think are the correct responses and the court will look it over anyway.