Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By sammie
#959 well didnt go as planned this morning. had a flat battery so i couldnt take kids to my mums. had 3 kids and a barking dog to contend with for an hour! but the o/r was great, kept asking if i needed a break, and rang me back 3 times!
the situation with us is that me and my husband are both bankrupt for a year. but i think my husband has to pay £50 a month( because we put the tobbacco on the form, and they wont take this into consideration)

the problem i got now is my budget running through it this afternoon, after my appt with the cccs last month, they came up with £3 per month for medicines, £5 per month opticians&dentist for 5 people! (i know for a fact that this wont be enough, and both of us wear glasses too!)
i put down £450 a month for food, which is less than we spend a month. but once the budget had been done and we had no more money left over.
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By JaneClack
#968 You need to go back to the OR and explain that you have realised that your budget isn't very realistic - but if you haven't got an IPO they won't give you any money. It is your husband who needs to change his and leave off tobacco and be more realistic with the other expenditure. He could say that he realises he will have to give up ... it is a shame that it was mentioned as like "leisure" or "social life" it gives a signal of some money that is being used for what is regarded as non essential. The OR could even be thinking he is helping your husband by making him give up! What he has effectively said in his budget is "we can live on this so I am able to spend £50 on tobacco for myself". Now I know he didn't mean that but that is what has come across. He can but try. However, depending on his level of debt, £50 per month adds up to £1800 per year - what is this figure in comparison to what he owed? Look at that nice word - oweDDDDD! :wink:
Try it and see.
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By sammie
#1141 went back to the o/r who said i had to submit a new financial statement( which i hand delivered on monday.) i forgot to enclose my shopping till reciept for a weeks shop and had to post it . she only got it yesterday, and said she will write in due cause, once shes reassesed out f/s!
just so fed up waiting all; the time...fed up with the stress! to cap it all off our landlord has now upped our rent by £25 a month!( just redone me f/s and all!)
hopeping somey=thing comes in the post in the morning!! :)
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By Nicky
#1145 Although it can be stressful waiting around for things to come together, at least the situation is at hand, and sort of dealt with, its just the fine tuning of it all to come together.

Its very frustrating to have to mess around changing things once you think its all done, but your getting there. :D