Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By cb
#785 firstly hello to everyone,just registered today,never thought i would be joining a bankruptcy website,but impressed with the site and at ease a bit knowing my husband and i aren't main question is do i need to verbally or in writing, need to make my employer aware of my bankruptcy? i work for Tesco's and only sometimes help out on the tills,i also live in Northern Ireland as i know our laws sometimes differ in certain issues
any information would be greatly appreciated
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By JaneClack
#794 No, you don't unless your contract of employment specifically states you must or that you cannot be employed if you are a bankrupt. Occasionally he will be informed but this is usually when there is money owed to him or when an Income Payments Order has not been adhered to and they are going for attachment of earnings. In the general run of things he has no obligation to tell them - they are more likley to find out from the notice in the local newspaper! Don't worry about something that might never happen. :wink: